Dustin Segers and Sye Ten Bruggencate on the Fundamentally Flawed Podcast

Sye TenBruggencate and Dustin Segers were on the Fundamentally Flawed podcast to discuss issues of God’s existence, the Christian Worldview and the Atheist Worldview. Dustin does a great job laying the debate out on the table in the first 20 minutes, but not only that, he leaves the hosts of Fundamentally Flawed without an excuse. Enjoy.


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Sye TenBruggencate Exposes PZ Myers

Let me begin by saying that I have no idea who PZ Myers is, nor am I going to waste the time to Google his name. One thing I do know about Myers is that he is adored by a large number of Internet atheists, and I can see why. He avoids any meaningful discussion, dodges straightforward questions, and swears at those who dare to ask them. A paradigmatic fundy atheist fit for following if you are an impressionable young atheist on the Internet. “Freethinking” at its best. Behold the Mighty Myers!




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Sye TenBruggencate vs. Justin Scheiber: Complete Transcript and Informal "Debate" Recording

Sye TenBruggencate of www.proofthatgodexists.org claims that his recent discussion/informal “debate” with Justin Scheiber of www.yahweh-or-myweh.blogspot.com was heavily edited with Justin’s long pauses taken out as well to make it seem as though he answered faster. Sye contends that it was not just “rabbit trails” that were taken out, but that the whole feel of certain parts of the debate was changed. Sye claims that he is a little surprised that Justin did this and trusts that others will find that the edits were extremely biased as well.

Sye believes it is clear from the edits that Justin was just trying …

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A Necessary Distinction

In the midst of the turmoil which controversy creates, it is always refreshing to encounter an irenic, yet firm response in the midst of a variety of hasty and conjectural surmises.  That irenicism was, of course, the response of Mike Robinson, who many will know from his books and posts on a variety of subjects related to apologetics. When his response was brought to my attention, I was excited to see that he had commented on the situation.  Unfortunately, his post was in response only to the initial statement, which was intentionally designed to bring attention to the general …

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The Shattered Stained Glass Window

A lot of people seemed upset when I posted an encouragement and admonishment to Sye Ten Bruggencate yesterday.  The fallout seems to consist of either those praising me for doing so, or vilifying me for same.  I’m no stranger to controversy, obviously, so I have been watching the general trend of commentary.  The fallout from my detractors, on the main, seems to have missed the central meat of the post.  Sure, I mentioned several things only in general, but most of our regular readers know what I was referring to.  I’ve said the same things I am saying now over …

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Paul Jenkins and Damage Control

Paul Jenkins mentions in a recent post that some of his “readers may have endured what has become known as The Fourth Debate, in which the three Pauls of the Skepticule Extra podcast were subjected to the presuppositional apologetic argument of Eric Hovind and Sye Ten Bruggencate.” Note that Paul’s rhetoric begins when his post does with the use of “endured” as though there was something particularly unbearable about Eric and Sye’s performance in their discussion with the three Pauls when in fact the only thing that might be considered unbearable in that discussion was the ignorance, inconsistency, …

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